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List Of Tools Every Home Should Have - With Functions and Image

Tools For Every Home


You probably have countless or countable electronics and gadgets in your home isn't it?. It's adorable though.

What do you thinks if eventually you light switch had a partial contact and you repaired it before the arrival of the electrician. It's will be awesome right. At least you'd save a penny.

What if it happens sequentially and you're able to get a fix on it. You'd undoubtedly save yourself from losing $20 (N6,100) amazing!

Recently I discovered in my house that the water from the plumbing pipes wasn't gushing out as usual. Not until I get to know the water pumping machine socket got burnt. To the point that I couldn't differentiate the terminals.

But guess what, it took me just 20 minute before I could repair it. The good news was that I was happy I brought it back to work with some set of screw drivers and other tools.

So I decides to share this idea with everyone. Don' worry if you don't know the use of some of these tools or if you already have some items and you needed to upgrade. I'll take my time to simplify everything that I will be sharing on this page.

X-Shape And Flathead Screwdriver.

X-Shape And Flat Head Screwdriver  A x-shape screwdriver popular know as the Phillips screwdriver and the Flathead are one of the most common and important tools in any tool box.

With it, you fits the head into similar shaped slot and with a little clockwise and anticlockwise movement of the hand, you can tighten, and loosen any object respectively.
Henry Phillip of the Phillips (screw) company invented this tool in the 1930s

Hammer With Crowbar Hammer

Hammer is also an essential tools every home should have. Serving as a simple machine for pounding nails, pulling nails, tapping things in order. It goes a long way to the point you can't say why do you need hammer.

This type of hammer in the above image is best and it's can serve you better because it's a multi-function type. Highly recommended!


Plier ToolNo workshop owner would ever fail to have this. In fact no engineering industry. Get one and turn your self to an engineer in a few minutes.

Back to the function of this tools, the pliers assist with holding objects firmly, alongside with pinching, pulling and carving (bending) metals of any size.

Oh! i remembered how this plier helped me to loosen size 16nut when I couldn't get the right spanner. Besides, I suggest you get one for your car too.

Adjustable Wrench
WrenchSometimes your plier will not be able to turn a bigger nut, making it harder and harder in terms of getting a good grip. If you eventually fall into that scene where you urgently needed to loosen a bigger nut, and all you have is ordinary a plier. What comes to your mind? Probably you gonna think of taking that stuff back to the manufacturer isn't it?

Funny, you don't really need to return it if you know what to alter to bring it back in position. Just get an adjustable wrench. It can perform 10 times. All you need to do is to adjust to your desire size of the nut and you're good to go.

Allen Key 

Allen KeyHave you ever come across some sockets that are hexagonal in shape? If you use to own a bicycle, you'd know what I'm talking about. And perhaps you don't, check the below image if you've seen something like this.
Allen NutLol! Do you think it's a nut? Yes it's
If you notice you have any device or electronics that uses that, don't hesitate to get yourself one Allen key should in case it develop any fault.
LevelSome of my friends are good at eyeballing level. Sometimes they draw a long line. I mean a perfect straight line without any single bend or curve. Since everyone are not good at that, and to take away all guess work, a level can can do exact that.

Utility Knife
Utility knife use to be one of my favourite tools in the high school. It serves me severally during my project hours.
Utility Knife
For cutting cardboard, plastics, glass, also use for opening boxes, sharpening of pencil and other things I couldn't remember right now. Trust me it can serve similar purpose in the home. For trimming carpets, scoring drywall, the uses are so many that you''ll be surprise. Go get one and see what I'm talking about.

Electrical Cables

Different Colors Of Electrical CablesElectrical cables will help you whenever you want to extend  electrical supply to a point. Your garden for example.

You don't want to  use uninsulated conductor to do the job. Never try that! Few yards of cables will be nice.

You might decide to change your electric bulb when it stop working, or maybe you want to get to the ceiling, or perform activities that require the aid of ladder. A person of average height needs a support. A ladder will fits in for that.

When it comes to electrical project, you need to be very careful of the type of ladder you'll make use. Moreover, aluminium ladder is light and very durable to a wooden ladder. Like I said you need to be careful when dealing with electricity if you're not an expert. However, fibreglass is non-conductive but quiet expensive.

Cordless Drilling Machine
Cordless Drilling Machine I read a comment  on a similar topic online. So fascinating Marc Smith said, "I use my cordless drill all the time, and I would say that's the most important tool for me as a DIYer. Check his post on

Aside, drilling machine is use for creating holes. Making your project go quickly with less stress.

Portable HacksawWhen it comes to the cutting of metal or wood, there is no comparable substitute. An Hacksaw will do just that.

With the handle that help adjusting the blade easily, you can cut metals, glass or ceramic.

You will find out that these tools will really do you favor when it comes to doing little project and repair in the home. However, you must ensure you work safe. Anytime you want to set yourself for task requiring these tools, never leave aside your safety materials. Such as: boots, glove, safety glasses, Overall, element, and others.

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What Are The Things You Should Do Whenever You Face Disappointment

Let's start with this question. What are the things you likely will think about when you face life, financial, health disappointment? ( I really want to hear from you on the comment box).

Okay let's get the ball rolling right now!
You can't always win all the time
Yeah! you can't always win and when you don't, it means you're defeated as a result of being disappoted at that moment.

What do you understand by DISAPPOINTMENT? It's an experience of being let down or defeated. You held on expectation of receiving a job from a company, or your expectation from getting help from someone doesn't turn out as expected. Then it's called disappointment.

Also know that disappointment is a short-term and it is quiet okay or should I say it's beneficial, Whatever. Sinking down in it can keep you stuck, depress, despair, and discouraged. Especially when you've been disappointed ones or so many times. How can you overcome this feeling?

Don't worry, we'll handle that in this post. However, we won't guarantee the fact that you won't face disappointment, because it's people act to disappoint you and we don't have licence to control people ways of reasons and acting. 

But I will discuss with you steps to follow, what to do at the moment, and what to do after a disappointment. You see, we've got it covered.

So firstly, let's carefully consider some few steps that can be employ whenever you're face with disappoint after which we will go fully into the real matter.


Before then, Let me explain fully on why I said disappointment is beneficial. You can compare this with failure. When you fail, you sight some better way of handling what you failed.

Same here, when you face disappointment, it serves as a guide note that help you understand occurrences in the environment and what 
steps to take that help you  appropriately adjust and to take improving decisions.

Below are the likely steps to follow to do all that:

Step 1: Control How Your Feel About It
Controlling how you feel is the first step to take. You have to be honest and openly admit the circumstances.

No need not to start hiding. It won't help. It will only let the situation have control over you.. You should be able to ask yourself why you're feeling disappointed about it.

Step 2: Recall Your Expectations Before it Happened
What are the things you were expecting before the events took place? You probably should give answers to these 2 questions:

  1. What were you expecting about the the whole circumstances?
  2. and what are were you expecting about yourself?
Looking at it from another angle, disappointment and your expectations really can determine how you are going to feel after, only if you're expectant of something. If to say that you had no expectations of anything, then there won reasons why your feeling would be tampered. Because you aren't expecting anything.

Personally ask yourself these questions if you're feeling disappointed as the result of your expectations and committed thought:
  • Was it that my expectations set me up for this disappointment?
  • What are the practical ways I could potentially amend even next time?
Unrealistic expectations happen to be the reasons why people get hooked during trial times. Which have the capability to prevent from learning, growing, and having experience from the situation.

Step 3: Discover What You Can Learn From It
In order to achieve this step, you have to realise that there are reason to every disappointments, though it's difficult to look in the positive when things are going wrong. At the same, it will take some time before it start making sense to you.

But before then, these simple questions will open your eyes to possible opportunities, possibilities. Let see:
  1. What can you possibly learn from this
  2. What can you derive about how to set your expectations
Step 4: Take a Positive Decisions and actions
Now that you're getting it right, you should be ready to take the positive decision. Lemme give you hints of what you should be thinking of:

  1. Think about the skills that can help you make the best of this situation
  2. Also think of the knowledge that you can use
  3. Think about the people that can positively impact the right potentials in you
  4. Think about the ways to discover your strength, and how you can make the best use of them
Not only that, you really need to possess a positive mindset, be patience and, be grateful.

Step 5: Reshape Your Expectations
Reshaping your expectations is the last step in this section. What does it mean? It means having a realistic expectations.

Maybe you're aiming too high and too quickly. Whereas you should be have moderate expectations for a start. Once you get the desired, you can raise it higher next time.

What You Should Do At The Moment Of Disappointment 
Life isn't just palatable every time. So it's very uneasy to get through it with facing disappointment.

At the same time, it's good to have expectations because that's what keep us focus and making us want to strive the more.

When you set to shot an object, you should know that the outcome will often not be accurate as expected. You'll have to deal with those inaccurate shot too.

Here are some things that you can instantly do that will help you work through in a fast way:

Keep Yourself Calm - The first step is to keep calm by simply focusing on the present. You can decide to step away from the situation or have a nap.

You Can Choose To Distract Yourself - If keeping calm seams not to be working, you can then choose to distract yourself. So simply and clear, all you just have to do is to follow these method:

  1. Read books
  2. Listen to musics
  3. watch movies
  4. Visit friends or call out on them etc.
Change Your Look - Can you critically remember those moments you're excited on a particular stuff. How do you feel? how did your body reacted? Now try to think about the other side, times when you're disappointed. Honestly you failed to cheer-up.

What's the whole point, take time to adjust and  think about those excited states.

Think About Your Imperfection - Accept the fact that no matter how hard you try, perfection isn't certain. Instead focus  on making a consistent progress and improvement.

Just go on with striving for improvement rather than striving for perfection.

Don't Try to Instantly Change The Result - At that moment of a sudden disappointment, the more you try to change the result, the more you get frustrated. In fact, it's just too difficult to control it because it's beyond your power. Instead give up on it and then focus more on other possible approach that I've discussed earlier.

What You Should Do After Every Disappointment
This point in time is a very critical one actually. It's the after stage of disappointment that express how you will likely approach present and the up-coming ones.

How you respond to them really counts. This tips will help you handle them more effectively:

  1. Focus on the war
  2. Try getting some realistic opportunities
  3. Ask questions to get better understanding of the situation
  4. Always think about things that will go wrong without keeping you from moving forward.

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10 Things You Should Be Cleaning Regularly in The Home

There are common things you clean in your home such as kitchen sinks, toilets,  bathtubs, tiles. But there are other things left in you home that you probably ignored or aren't aware that they also needs to be cleaned regularly.

Below are the top 10 list of what requires consistent cleaning in the home.

Mattresses and Bed Pillows

Our bed mattresses and pillows absorb the oils on our body and hair or think of the kids jumping on it with shoes, dust and some stains.

Honestly, You don't have to clean the mattresses in your home every three month, periodically is much better.

Wash them regularly, get at the stains, give it some fresh air, most importantly, purchase additional cover and mattress protector as a bonus and also preserve the ones you have already.

Pressing Iron

Clean your iron often will not make it less efficient and will not let it cause any damage to your clothes. But when you fail to clean it, the buildup tend to clogged the vents which might be causing stains on your clothes whenever you want make use of it.

You Trash Bin surrounding (Wall Behind)

The trash bin wall is always messy Most especially when you try to throw your garbage or some food waste from the washing sink.

You know what I'm talking about when you miss the shot. it mess up the floor, the wall and even the trash can. It's so important that you clean that area whenever you want dispose your waste.


You do alot of things with your phone. You handle them when you eat, when you're sick, in fact every time. Whatever you have on your hand rubs off on it. Just imagine anything you do with your smartphone.
Study concluded that germs on the cell phones will defintely find their ways to our hands, skin, body, and faces.........
However, you can learn how to clean your smart phones with few methods and not less than 15 seconds

Your Trash Can

Oh! Do you have to clean this anytime you trash out the waste? Yes you should. You can't stand the stinky, rotten stuffs that are in them.
It takes little of your time. Even if your Trash can is clean and covered, germs still find their ways in.

Washing Machine

The reasons why your washing machine need to be cleaned is because the dirt and debris
from your clothes can get into the crannies of the washing machine.

So therefore it requires to be cleaned even though it cleans all your clothes. Cleaning it once in every 2 month is not a bad idea.

Water Dispensable Machine

I hope you know the importance of drinking healthy water. Cleaning your dispenser once every 3 month or whenever you want to replace the water bottle will keep you safe.

Remote Controls

Your television remotes, game controller, and other gadgets that uses remotes to function collect germs often.You touch them every time and perhaps you might be spreading it.

You don't have to take them for washing or get substance that contains water to clean them because water can get into those device and make them to malfunction. Rather you a cotton wool or a clean clothe blotted with spirit/alchol to wipe regularly.

Door Handles

Yea! don't be surprised that I mention this. Flashback the visitors you had, your kids, their friends, neighbours, family that all touch the door handles.

It's covered with bacterium and germs. Think of it this way, when you touch the door handle and do something else, what have you done? You're spreading germs.

What is the possible way of controlling this? I suggest you keep hand soap, wipes and disinfectant spray close to those points. Whenever you move around them, you can access and make use it effectively.


Your curtains traps alot of dust, dirt, and lot of that. It's usually one of the things we overlooked and sometimes very annoying to handle.

You really need to clean them regularly irrespective of the category they belong. They help you home look cleaner.


Life is full of mess and they required to be cleaned. These tips are meant to show you where and what you aren't aware of cleaning.

If you really want to get rid of germs and make your home germs free, then you should do them often.

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8 Things You Should Be Doing Before 8 A.M To Prepare For a New Day

Daily good habits can dramatically improve your life.

In this post, I will be giving you over 5 tips with their respective time.

The Ideas will help you know which habit you can include in your daily task to make a productive day.

Aside from that, there are benefits of having a daily plan. For some people, their schedule routine enable them to maintain uniform productive life all through the day. And for few, it gives the advantage of having a well organized day. Above all, it help to trigger up some amount of energy to tackle difficulties of the day.

Look at them carefully and consider the one that suit your lifestyle.

Here they are:

1. Rise Up Early (5am - 6am)

 Many of us are used to this pattern. To me it's a best habit that saves your time. It helps balance the rest of the day and also gives you time to observe the all that I'll be discussing in this article.

2. Devotions and Meditations

 Take some time to have your devotions and meditate there after. A lot of people meditate for hours because of the numerous benefits. These are some of the reason you are freely to get if you start 5 Minutes meditation.
  • Increased memory
  • Have Focus
  • Be more creative
  • Stress less

3. Have a Daily Schedule

 Try to put down what you want to complete by the end of the day. You can implement this simple scale. Try putting down:
  1. The most important and urgent task
  2. The important, but not urgent task
  3. The not important, but not urgent task
  4. The not important and not urgent
This will really give you insight of where to start from.


4. Break Down The Task

 I know there are some task that are important and urgent and tedious so to say. But we can't avoid them. What do we do?For each of the important and urgent task, break them down into specific portions, after which you will have a clear view of how what need to be done first


5. Do Some Exercise

I usually see people both young and old engage in physical activities like having a walk out, going for gym, jogging very early in the morning. I never knew the what they are up to until I find out.
See benefits of exercising:

  •  It boost you brain power
  • Gives you more energy
  • It help prevent you from diseases
  • It reduces high blood pressure
  • It can boost your performance


Music makes you feel good according to study. Starting your day with inspirational audio, podcasts, books, or a short video will enrich you with positive energy for the day, it will improve your mood, make you feel more motivated to perform.


7. Take a cold Shower/Bath

 Funny. Who goes to work without taking their bath? Aside from that cleaning up oils on your skin, taking a shower/bath after observing the above tips will enable you to imagine how your day would be . You will often feel refreshed and more more active. Never step out without doing this!


8. Consume enough Protein

Why do you have to consume up to 30grams of protein? Food rich in protein takes longer time to digest because they can full your stomach,  And keeps your blood-sugar level balanced. I'm not trying to be funny.
Protein food are good to be for breakfast.

You can take a look at recommendation of protein Food from WebMD and 30 high-protein foods from healthline diary to have a better understanding of what I meant.

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8 Reasons Why Students Fail in School


Failure is inevitable. For students, it's our choices to decide if we should fail and waste the efforts of our parents or we should strive to achieve success as a compensation to their effort.

It's very disastrous to have the mindset of succeeding in academics if you're yet to take away some unwanted elements from your part. Very dangerous! because they might backfire later in the future. How do you know these elements might be the next thing you probably will have in mind.

In that regards, I've personally prepared to share with you undiluted truth. I love real things so I'll be sharing from my experience. I've failed some exams and competitions in the time past, when I try to figure out the reasons for my failure I discover some factors were actually responsible for that. For this reason, we will be looking at those factors one after the other believing after recognizing them, you will get yourself equipped and prepared to fight them.

Let's go!


 Ability to think exceptionally is really a great skill one should possess. So sad to see that most students don't think deeply. They had replaced deep thinking with the Internet (google). They failed to understand that when it comes to the real sense of life, they might not be opportune to access their device. Take for instance during examination period. A student who had always been relying on the Internet will find it difficult to pass the exam.

However, the use of Internet is full with many advantages, we cannot overlook that. You are meant to set moderation to yourself. Don't depend too much on the result you will get therein, endeavour to put your brain in action because that's what you're naturally created with before the artificial knowledge of the Internet.


Many students have what I termed "lazy mindset" they see no importance of preparation. They are not challenged of having distinct grades. And some even expect that things should be done for them or to be freely given to them. When you see yourself in position of settling for average or low grades, know for sure it's a sign of failure and you shouldn't afford that.

In order not to set yourself up for failure, you need to challenge yourself in this matter and begin to prepare hard for exams or no exams. This is one of my decisions during those times and now, I want you to look into it and also set it as a priority. Challenge yourself right now!


Poor time management will amount to nothing but failure. We are faced with so many responsibilities (assignment, projects, social time with friends and family, etc) that needs to be effectively balanced on the 24 hours of the day. "How is that possible?"

There are activities you can classify as non important. It is a must to know that you don't have to commit yourself in that part unless you want to spend your time on them without obtaining a bit. Besides, there are some basic things you're expected to do unconditionally with time.

They are said to be the "must do" without anybody persuading you. I mean you don't expect your parents to remind you of your assignments later in the day before doing them, or you should be found watching TV or playing video games when you ought to be reading. It is simply a poor time management if you're not aware. It needs instant attention and must be corrected immediately!


There is this common distraction derailing most of us. Our parents aren't exclusive.
With smart phones, Ipads, tabs, social media, series, fashion, etc. All these things have taken our mind as students, causing distractions and making us lose focus which will tend to failure.

You should teach yourself how to balance this. Don't spend all of your time on these elements. Seek support if you think you can't overcome it on your own.

Read also: How To Overcome Social Media Distrations


Lazy mentality is the byproduct of "inability to think critically"
Students nowadays don't want to take responsibility for their actions they are waiting for people to instruct them of what to do at every stages of their life. Very impossible!

You should be able to decide positively. Positive decisions will enable you manage life adequately. Failure to meet that demand will give life the chances to manage you.


Failure is the foundation of all success in case you don't know. And if that's the case, then why are you afraid of it?

When you fail a subject or anything, you're meant to turn it to a lesson so you can learn and bring out a unique results.

Here are my few observations of failure:
  1. When you aren't afraid of failing, you'll want to try anything
  2. You'll always look for a way to make it right whenever you fail
  3. You will always discover new ideas whenever you fail
  4. You gain more experience
Above all, It's important to have this in mind, whenever you fail, make it a priority that you don't have to spend much time before finding the way out. You negative thought might overwhelm you.


Low self esteem can be detrimental to student. It can destroy one's ability to progress in life. On the other hand, having strong self-esteem can prepare you for success. Mainly, students fail as a result of low self-confidence which stand as hindrance of starting out with good grades, and losing opportunities.

Such students really need to build up their self-confidence. Check out magic ways to build up your confidence to 100%.


Having confidence is fine. Does it mean having over-confidence too is good? Let me break it down. Supposed I said I can pass this exam and have the best grades than anyone. It's over-confidence. Asides from my abilities and talent, over-confidence can fail me.

Over-confidence student will always believe that he's better than everyone meanwhile they are not. Let me share with you something that happened some few months ago.

I was preparing to seat for a school exam, to me the exam was kinda simple because this not my first time or sitting for it I know some of the format used in setting the questions. To cut the long story short, after the exam, I had an average result and I wasn't given that course. So I had to apply for another school.

Can you relate with that? This is my word for you: OVER-CONFIDENCE WON'T TAKE YOU FAR, YOU NEED TO STAY HUMBLE!

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Top 10 Awesome Living Tips and Tricks

This post is a great one  I composed and made it simple for you. It's actually about the simple living tips that you can implement in your day-to-day activities.

In this post, I'll be giving you some real, theoretical and researched simple living tricks and tips that you'll find so interesting and useful. There are many of them but I can't list them all in this post, because i will be to long and no one would complete it and at least 50% of it would be skipped.

So I decided to categorized them. Here is a portion of it, Top 10 awesome living tips and tricks trust me I have tried most of them and they work perfectly. 

Top 10 Awesome Living Tips and Tricks

1. Always Go For What You Need

I personally think this is the most essential part of all the tips I'll be sharing. I discussed this on some of my post that has similar topics and I will be doing same here but in a different view.

Going for what you need is not a hard task as you think. With my guide, you will find it easier to move on with it smoothly.

  • Guide 1: If you decided to go out on shopping, always go along with your "what I need" list. Even if you're surfing the online shopping sites and other tempting source, always put down what you need in your list first.
  • And if you still find yourself adding one or two item in the cart or still holding it for a while, you need to ask yourself if you really need it. You do not have to get all the Item of the shelve. Most at times you find out you don't need them.
  • Now, Probably you think you still need that item, place it back to its initial position, wait for a week or two, let's see if you would vome back for it. I can tell you'll have forgotten about it. That shows you don't need it if you can't remember the item.
The whole point is this, shopping is fine. The crucial thing is that you're are training yourself so that you get only what you need and not what you want at most time.

2. Eat Healthy Food 

You're not only helping yourself whenever you eat healthy food but you're also transferring benefits to the universe. There are a lot of junks, processed food and all sort, but they are unhealthy. Let see benefit and things to keep in mind whenever you want to purchase food items:

  • The major benefit you're indirectly transferring to the universe is you're favouring the farmers as well as the market sellers.
  • Avoid fast foods and restaurants. Shop real foods like: fruits, vegetables, etc.
  • Concentrate on seasonal foods and eat moderately.
  • Ensure you don't go for meat all the time. Eat less of it.
  • Locally-grown foods are always the best, endeavor to buy them as often as possible

3. Dejunk Your Room/Home

Dejunking is simple, authentic way to simple living. When you dejunk, you will be able to differentiate what you own to what you don't need and then get rid of them. Clean up your kitchen, closet, room, and your work desk. You'll feel relieved and free when you finish with this task.

You can also read 10 resources and inspirations for decluttering your home written by Leo Babauta for more ideas.

4.  Read Inspirational Materials (and Blogs)

Inspirational materials are embeded with uncountable living tips. Even a blog has thousands of it. As you can see from my blog. When you read inspirational materials, you get ideas and information.

See some of the inspirational books I read alongside related blog:


5. Reading Isn't Enough - Practice It

It's very easy to spend hours reading books, blogposts, articles and others things that you love. But what is the essence if it's not reflecting in you. Go for those books you love most or subscribe to your favourite blog, if you want to.

Read new motivating books each week or month to always keep your inspirational spirit active. Above all, spend the rest of your time doing what you read and impacting on others. That's an awesome living tips.

6. Have a Simple Schedule

A simple schedule is enough. You don't have to complicate life before living in it. Look into everything you do and spot out things that are not benefiting. Extract them. This will then open a free space to do what you love and also be a help to others.

7. Always Do What You Love

Doing what you love won't make you feel like life is a burden. You'll be happier about it, you'll be willing to devote your time and be productive about it,  and most importantly, you will have a fulfilling life. Who don't want to have a happy life?

8. Give in Return

You feel so good when you do something for someone and when someone give something to you and you show love by giving back. Besides been happy with yourself when you give, there are more reasons why you should give and what you're likely to give:


  • When you give, you make an impact;
  • You feel better;
  • You strengthen the community you're giving to;
  • You improve your skills and learn new ones;
  • You are most likely close to opportunities;
  • Smile and a friendly look
  • What you don't use
  • Donate money to charity
  • Encouragements to people
  • Inspire people by giving out the inspirational books you've read
  • Support mission
  • Sharing your creativity
  • Give out good food
  • provide shelter to a genuine night stranger
  • Attention
  • You can show love (most at times people don't need our money)
  • Volunteering your time
  • You can even give out your great contents and idea when you create a blog.
9. Never Hold Grudges

There is no reason why you should hold grudges if you really want to enjoy life. It can make you get mad. It leaves one worthless and miserable. Life seam to go smoother when you don't hold grudges with anyone. Why should you hold grudges if your aim is to live simple life?

10. Socialize

Socializing plays an important role to living a simple life. Sometimes you just have to leave aside your smart phones and get to do the real thing. Meet people, have direct interactions, have lunch together and lot of fun.

When you socialize, you're prevelege to meet so many kind of people and understand the way they react, the way they think.

Socializing will also help you build-up your self confidence, self esteem and take away shyness.

It's the great way to enjoying a simple life. Even when you're down, the right people you socialize with will help you overcome the bad times with ease with their encouragements. 

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9 Reasons Why You Will Always Remain Poor For Life

You don't have to think too much on this. No one is born poor and no man is born rich. What differentiated this two terms is "choice-to-be" 

A young man might say, I wish to have the biggest company in the whole of Africa, or I want to acquire land properties in Paris.

In fact, when you assembly into a class room group of students and ask them individually what they would like to become or have in the nearest future, the answers will be similar. Though they're great ideas and a good mindset.

Let's come to think about it this way, if these young people can have this amazing dream of becoming well fulfilled individuals in future, what is then stopping them?

Or should I say why do we still have uncountable numbers of unsuccessful being in this our generation? So overwhelming to start thinking about. Are you thinking of it that way?

I just can not pin-point the factor behind this because there are so many of  them and they work separately and we are carefree of them.

In other words, these unnoticeable habit that is responsible for the permanent poor life of people are also the common habit we engage ourselves with. No wonder I described it as unnoticeable habit ha! ha!. Not funny though.

What are then the factors that enhance this so called permanent poverty?  We'll be discussing them in this page. 

But before then, a quote by the American popular billionaire made me belief in this strongly that we really choose what we want to be. Bill Gates said,

It's not your mistake if you're born poor, but it's is your mistake if you die poor
Frankly to say, most unsuccessful people usually relate their state of being in life to the reasons of their birth, the inability of their parents to leave behind any inheritance, witches and wizards from their village, and even family background  not accepting the fact that they could be the cause of their poverty.  That's so crazy! I think. I just wish i could spare some minutes to talk on this but No! that's not the focus of this page.

Without wasting time, let see the unnoticeable factors/habits that can make anyone to remain poor for life. I hope you'll read this to the end.

Unnoticeable Habits That Can Make Anyone to Remain Poor For Life

1. Over Spending

You like this, you get. You love that, you buy. Sooner or later you finish spending all that you have and left with nothing. How will you survive?

I discover this some years back when I was given a phone and I love to check out for gadget on one of this popular online store. Yea! Jumia. It's quiet tempting though. I spent a lot getting most of these gadgets like, water resistance ear-phone, power bank just to mention few.

After some time I was beginnning to sense that the money in my account were decreasing drastically. Thank God I discover this so early if not I'd have become poor from that unnoticeable habit.

To conclude this, I say that the end stage of over spending is poverty. As a students, you should be able to save little from your income and pocket money. Never you say that after all it's my money and I work for it. Yes! you might work for it but over spending will not increase the money rather it'll decrease it.

2. Waiting For People to Help You

There is this common slang popularly used describe someone who thinks negatively different. One with Africa Mentality. (this is not to put in your mind any negative impression of the Africans).

And I'll also say that if you're one of the people that wait too often for help then you have Africa mentality. I wonder how one will absolutely belief that a man/woman out there have to do all of these or that for you before you can be successful.

If those whom you look up to have this same mentality, would there be anyone that can firmly stand to take responsibilities?

Today, you really need to move out of your comfort zone, start doing things yourself and rely less on people if you don't want to end in poverty.

3. Giving Up easily

There Is no doubt about this saying,  "winners don't quite but losers do". There are so many people who can not bear with a little discomfort of life. Same applicable to young people, whenever they fail a subject or crash their business they conclude that It Is end of life. 

Undoubtedly,  It is end of life when you can not rise up from you fall and start to build a step with the blocks of hindrance.

The habit of not giving a try after each failure can result in permanent poverty. Believe it or not, no one can never ever help you to complete your race of success. As Individuals, we are struggling daily to bring the best out of every disappointment.

Simply to say, those who can not continue further as a result of little blockage on their part will remain poor for life.

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4. Putting Blames On Others

From the beginning of this page, I said so much on this. But I just needed to mention it here again. Not only do people blame their parent or witches and wizards, they also transfer blames on the government, friends, community in fact they blame everything blamable.

I wonder why they usually carve themselves from this matter. If you don't want to be poor for life, you really need to take responsibilities of all of your actions because that's one of the major factor to achieving success.

5. Greediness

Greediness is an habit of longing for what you do not need. How can greediness make you poor?

When you start pursing what you don't need with great passion, there is certainty that you might end up losing all that you already have. Which can lead to poverty.

6. Not Having Plans

A life without plan is useless. Most reasons why you fail in some circumstances is due to lack of plan. If you have not been planning every single task before rushing to do them, there is tendency you may fail at it without the assurance of surviving.

You need to set big goals before you if you want something big to happen. You need to start planning before taking any action. You know the area of you life where failure still lie, you need to cross check if you didn't plan before taking the move. Above all, you need a plan schedule.

7. Lack Of Focus

Every successful man at some point has strictly hitch on to their primary assignment that has yielded their success.

If you move through life without a sense of ulterior motive, or you chase many goals without focusing on one goal at a time, you will end up as a nonstarter.

You also have to bind yourself to one goal. Do not work on too many goals because working on many goals will only make you lose focus. Cleave on that one goal until it result into a success.

8. Keeping Wrong Company

The type of friend you ramble with will determine your life status. If you spend all your time with unhealthy and poor friends, you will surely take after what they do to become poor.

If you spend your time with lazy, negative, plan-free, prodigal, ordinary dreamers, they will indirectly transfer those trait into your life and it will call upon poverty to come establish and dominate your life.

But if you spend your life time with hard-working, ambitious, productive, right people, you'll at all course emulate these positivity in them and become more like them. Choose today whom you will associate with whether a life builder person or a life destroyer. 

9. Living in Fear

When you have the zeal of playing the game too safe, there are only little or no achievement in the outcome. It very true that everyone fear failure but those who ultimately succeed are the ones who go about failing deliberately. 

The fear of failure will definitely take you to no where. Haven't you read or heard about the benefits of failing in life.

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If you understand that failure is part of life and that you're not the perfect man, you will always want to do the most challenging things despite the fact that you might fail. What will make you keep at it is when you start discovering the hidden benefits therein.


It's not your desire to survive with the little you have all the time. There are many benefits you can attract to yourself. If you want to want to achieve success, the choices is yours. You can choose to keep reflecting the above habit, you also have  the right to choose the opposite, and there is always a consequence of every choices you make. Choose the best.

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